More-more ideas (how to identify ppl, age, natural-disaster, max power&speed)

OP’s logic in a nutshell

Fuck no, this has been the biggest meme about unturned 2. Limb amputation has no place in video games. Every one would just kill them selves and get a full body, any penalties for game ending yourself would piss off people. No one would play, or everyone would mod it out and hate on the game until it was removed.

Btw meme posts belong in meme. (Please tell me this is a meme.)

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lmao what
how does imposing a gameplay limiter improve anything at all

So you tellin’ me -smacks lips- you haven’t heard of surgeon simulator?


If you could some how prolong the end game by multiple hours, either via an ungodly amount of progression or a massive and powerful skill tree while making it so you lose everything when you die, AND have a advanced medical system that isn’t complete bullshit (i.e you are only going to lose your arm if you take a few 50 cals to it) while also making near death encounters survivable you could add a amputation and prosthetic system. That is alot of effort though.

As soon as I saw the age suggestion, I was like, “Nope! Fuck that!”
Because that makes everything we do become useless since we’re gonna die anyway and there’s no point in survival for the same reason.
As for the cooking thing, there’s no reason whatsoever to use real life ingredients because will be just a complete burden to cook anything simple, not to mention the barrage of mechanics that we’re gonna need if that were to be added. And those are just a tiny bit of the others that are just awful


permission to move this to memes category

Nah, not worth it
Because it’s not a meme, it’s just a bad suggestion

No, that is future tech and there won’t be stuff like that in unturned 2.
And crappy prosthetics would annoy people and as said bellow and in my comment originally.

You lost me at limb amputation.
As I said, once some one lost a limb, they would do anything to get it back. Any penalties would just annoy people, and make people hate the game, as said, people would beg admins to heal them or quit.

Might work in my comic.

Don’t ask… Just forget about it.


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Aj making a comic hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Hope its goog

Probably won’t even be started till next year. T-T

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