More-more ideas (how to identify ppl, age, natural-disaster, max power&speed)

it’s my final suggestion for unturned II. i’ve been thinking of it not too long time ago. and i collect it into a post. i think this will work :

  1. can identify other people by holding certain buttons until the process is done. its function:
    a. to select so that we can enter certain places / clubs by showing our profile.
    b. to find out who they are, who we are against in the middle of combat
    c. but still there is a condition of being able to find out who that person is, if he is disguised or we are meeting him for the first time, we can only get a little information about it. In order to find out the entire profile, we have to get the info to NPC or another player.

  2. skill-points
    a. there are certain places that can only be passed with high skills, such as entering an underwater cave that can only be passed with high swimming skills. another example is mountains too.
    b. the skill cannot be maximized at all and there must be one that is maximized, and can only be improved by training.
    c. the skill will decrease if it is not honed, including if the game is not played.

  3. age
    a. the player can age to death. and we will get the report if it happens then we start over again. so playing unturned will be an end.
    b. middle age is stronger than the elderly or the young.
    c. if we die we cannot enter the server for just real 3 days so it doesn’t feel strange and so hard when the raiding or combat takes place, namely we kill the same person many times and there is no end.

  4. Zombies
    a. zombies with special abilities in a special place.
    b. every player who dies can become a zombie but we don’t control it.
    c. big zombies or those who are hard to kill will be roaming.

  5. crafting and base-building
    a. more details about how to craft so we can learn crafting in real life at the same time.
    b. fort which is not too easily damaged by zombies.
    c. all people / people who have obtained a certain skill can make the object, but the difference is only in the quality of the object that is different depending on the skill they have.

  6. items and zombie spawn
    a. not directly spawn in the same place and spawn in a somewhat hidden place.
    b. the spawn time is longer and simultaneously so that the player maximizes the remaining objects.
    c. items that people already have if they die will not disappear / spawn.

  7. there is a disaster season so that when we play but we don’t want to do something except to survive then we still have to be required to do something. as :
    a. there are earthquakes, floods, etc. at special times so that before we have to prepare something needed first.
    b. a kind of zombie group that attacked the base suddenly.
    c. must move districts if the place we previously lived in is not worthy of another place.
    d. many challenging environmental environments such as suction mud, scorching weather, storms, fog, landslides, slippery roads, hail, etc.

  8. base
    a. unraidable base when the player is off for real 3 days
    b. base if not taken care of for a real 2 weeks will be surrounded by zombies.
    c. bricks should be made using clay. and metal to make bases should be found less frequently.

  9. health-system, max power / speed, etc.
    a. player can be permanently disabled.
    b. sometimes it can’t be maximal even though it’s been treated. have to wait 3 days of game.
    c. stamina will not run out when we run. if stamina has run out, we can only run small. but if forced the player will get sick.
    d. we can adjust our running speed / car and our turning angle when using a car.

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Not only do I straight-up disagree with the vast majority of this suggestion (1-3, 5, 7-9), it’s too vague to possibly clarify any issues or useful information whatsoever. Almost the entire post makes no sense whatsoever. As a result, I’m also going to leave this response vague until the suggestion is further elaborated upon.

Try actually explaining out your points.

Also, 4b is already confirmed.


But like, why…

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this is a clusterfrick of stuff that will never fit into Unturned

AGE?? WHAT???!


In Australia we have a saying for things like this, Yeah NA
(translating to yeah no fuckin way this shit is going to ruin the game no one wants this)
Edit especially the part about not playing and losing, come one man we have a life. and other servers/games.


I think it’s best if you suggest something of a specific topic rather than a bunch of ideas unrelated to each other.


Note i will be taking things i disagree with here, and also note it won’t be in order

Age - Why. i think it would work as a cosmetic feature or something along those lines but if it were actually an in-game mechanic, why would we play in the first place if were all gonna die of old age?

Natural disasters - again, why. why would we need the threat of not only getting raided but also a tornado to come down from the heavens and destroy everything you worked up to.

Identify People - I haven’t even read it and i’m confused as shit to what you mean. “until the process is done” the fuck does mean? Also, what do you mean by clubs? like Gang Clubs or Strip Clubs?

Skill-Points - wtf? NO! i could understand if you need certain breathing skills to breath in no oxygen areas like high areas or low sea areas but no! also, why would the skill decrease if the player ain’t usin it! makes no sense!

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prt 2 (age were talking aboot)

ya know i kinda just skimmed through the thing without reading it but thanks to mercury, i hate this post even more. why would we not be able to enter the server for 3 real days after dying of old age?!?! THAT’S LIKE AN UNOFFICIAL BAN!

I mean, ya fuckin had me up at 1am for this bullshit topic.

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I don’t mean to hate, but these are some of the worst thought out suggestions to ever be posted here. There’s absolutely no thought behind most of them and if added a majority would decrease enjoyability of the game, not add to it. I can guarantee that 99% of players don’t want to keep over and die in the middle of a game due to ‘old age’. And please no to dying is a real time ban from the server. That just makes the gameplay super boring if everytime I die on my favorite server I can’t rejoin for 3 days IRL.

Skill checks are also a big no-no. I shouldn’t be restricted movement because my skill isn’t high enough. I’m gonna do what I want or die trying in a good game, not be limited by an artificial difficulty system.

I can understand if English isn’t your first language, but I pray that it’s not. This post is essentially word soup but you tried to get the highest score in Scrabble at the same time. Impossible to understand half of what you mean.

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ok i’m sorry for posting a 3rd time, but i just find this hilarious

how can we learn videogame tactics and apply them to real life? i think its the opposite buddy

i mean, maybe some, but not all. when im in a combat situation with 3 muggers surrounding me, im not gonna press X-X-Y-B-A and do some stupid blue fire ball thing. i mean really, you gotta think through with your ideas before you post them

I don’t think this adds enough value to vanilla gameplay to warrant it being an official, vanilla feature.

This suggestion sounds like players should be living portable scanners. I don’t think this information is ever immediately relevant enough to warrant putting forward specific buttons and mechanics for it.

Finding out “who we are against in the middle of combat” doesn’t seem like the most important thing going on in that engagement, especially if you have to stop combat just to point at them casually and basically just scan them for a couple(?) seconds.

Are you suggesting that there’s a physical barrier that would prevent you from accessing those locations without certain skills, or are you suggesting that certain skills are practically necessary to progress in certain areas more efficiently?

If you’re suggesting the latter, there’s (curated) maps in U3 that already do this. I wouldn’t support the former’s implementation.

Why only “big zombies” and ones that are “hard to kill?” I’d say that any type of Turned should be able to roam.

It’d probably make more sense for weaker hordes of Turned to roam than just a couple larger ones, as it keeps weaker Turned relevant and it’s fairer than some god-tier behemoth just walking up to your base and bulldozing it + you in your sleep.

On a large server, this would hurt the loot economy very quickly. Alpha groups would very easily remain the alpha group, as there would never be enough loot to kill them, and they could easily hoard all the good loot to keep it from spawning.

What is “suction mud,” is it quicksand?

I greatly disagree with this suggestion. It’s a hindrance to the server (staff and community), especially when it comes to keeping the server clean.

If this suggestion was meant to discourage offline raiding I don’t see why this would discourage that at all, but instead encourage that people offline raid immediately after a group leaves the server, since there’s a a short 3-day window before they permanently can’t interact with that base.

This would potentially be preferable to the current decay system if:

  • It didn’t take 336 hours for a base to potentially be cleared up.

  • Bases could already be destroyed by players who should’ve been able to raid the obviously abandoned base.

  • We could assume that it would be able to affect all bases, but that’s not true since people will likely be able to build in areas where zombies can’t reach them (potentially safezones, skybases, apartments, bunkers, aquatic areas, on vehicles, on a steep cliff, etc.).

I’d say tweak the suggestion to be:

  • Turned hordes more frequently attack abandoned bases.

  • Base decay still occurs, but rather than just be a “deletion timer” per placeable, the placeable’s health slowly decreases.

  • Players can still damage abandoned bases.

What is being “disabled” entail, and does it persist even after death?


i think hes talkin about the scanner you mentioned earlier

3 c and be a server option

I don’t think a progression system would work in a survival game, specifically Unturned. Players who have played more not only have more expirence but also better in-game skills.

If you’re gonna lock certain places until you get certain skills, that means less places to explore, thus making the map more boring. This will also make the game feel restrictive.

What is this!? have you forgotten that this is a game? even simulations don’t go that far. I mean, it could work as a custom server plugin, but I still really doubt anyone would play with that, I mean, probably some people, but I really doubt the server could even get 10 players.

Do you want to have decent gear, a decent base, some vehicles, and you’re having a really good time, but then you suddenly die from old age. But not only that, you also can’t connect to that server in which you probably have spent hours in for 3 days. Do you really want that?

Do you really think you could learn how to make a 5.56x45mm ammo just by playing Unturned? Or something simpler, a table?

Why does it seem like UII ideas are just getting worse? No offence mate, but do check other threads to see if the idea has already been suggested.


Need some work .
But age … JUST NO
We don’t tolerate it

Aging to death? Does this guy even know how survival games work?

please tell me this is just a meme

Unturned players in a nutshell


i mean disability because their hand or something amputated

of course not, it’s about farming and building