More options to customize zombies with

I would like to bring up the idea of adding more options for customizing zombies with, we can currently change damage, health, stun thresholds, etc.

Could we possibly give some love to movement speed for zombies or something along the line?
Im thinking of removing the fast walk/run zombies option in server/map settings and putting that into the zombie customization menu including a slider or just an input box to change the movement speed by a percent value.
Another useful or nice idea would to be able to modify the detection radius a specific zombie has using Difficulty GUID’s this could be measured in meters or studs whatever unturned uses as a distance standard. Along with this a “resistance_to_sneak” option or something could be added where it reduces the active effectiveness of the sneak stat making it harder to avoid the detection of zombies.


we need a friendly gameplay config

here i have some

For zombies:

  • zombie movement speed .
  • zombie instakill headshot bool.
  • zombie attack speed .
  • zombie movement behavior (for zombies that you want them to move like Flanker without getting invisible).


  • use player minimum walkable slope.
  • animal movement speed.

At the moment i have this
but i’ll keep thinking of more ideas :thinking:


those are some pretty awesome ideas, it would be really cool if you could create different zombie AI’s and input them using difficulty GUID’s or something of that sort, zombie instakill headshot would also be really cool if that could be put in I could imagine some hardcore PVE servers that have really low ammo spawns could utilize that setting quite a bit.

to add onto your ideas how about a way to modify how much infection a zombie can deal?

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We need 2 things:

1- Configurable zombie infection
2- Gameplay zombie infection multiplier

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