More options to interact with players

I think this could make the game much better.
It would be nice to force a handcuffed person to wear something ( by equiping and right click) ( just like meds) or to force them to drink or eat something ( bandits can use chemicals or glue)
I saw something in a game but it s pretty rude: you could pee on players.
Hope i gave you ideas for II.


Yeah i would like more interactions with prisoners and i think nelson wants that too since i think you can look intro other people’s inventory and take something but i dont think we will ever be able to do the peeing part and honestly i dont want that part but i would want more interactions with prisoners

I wouldn’t mind having more interactions with surrendering or handcuffed players and their inventories, but I’d personally be more interested in seeing a DBNO or bleed out state where these interactions are also possible. (I don’t play RP, so players surrendering to be handcuffed isn’t really a big part of my gameplay experience.)

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Yeah, that’s a big thing. There needs to be some actual, tactical action you do, IE KO/bleedout state that serves more of a purpose than just having fun.

Yeah but there should also be criteria when it will activate, for example shooting someone in the head wont

Why not? Hitting someone in the head would incapacitate them was faster than anywhere else. Unless you mean it would just kill them instead, which does make sense.

Yeah thats what I meant for example shooting someone in the head with a sniper rifle would simply gain you a kill but not incapacitate the person

Yeah, i like that. Shooting the head should have a way higher chance to just kill them, shooting them in say the legs has a way higher chance to just KO them.

Maybe we could do something like in rust , where you get incapatitated when you have very low hp like 5 hp or something and you can be picked up or captured or just left to die or maybe like in rust there is a small chance to stand up

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How about:

Below 10-20% health you’re KO’ed. It’s possible to simply take enough damage from say a sniper shot to die outright, of course. You’re proned, can only crawl around and can’t use items or weapons. You can be carried away or executed. (by just hitting them more) You cannot heal/be healed. You regenerate 1 hp every 3-5 seconds, and if you regen above KO range you get back up. Anyone can come by and revive you (fortnite) which doubles your regen speed as long as they do.

Perhaps you can be healed by someone who uses a special item, like defibrillators or just a medkit, but they only get you to exactly 1% hp above KO range.


It would be more than annoying to be unable to do anything but move around and wait, hoping either that whatever put you in this helpless state doesn’t finish you off, or that it hurries up and kills you so you can respawn and get back to actual gameplay. I think you should be able to use items, but maybe only one-handed, (which would obviously apply penalties to item usage) or maybe you can’t move and use items at the same time. I think it would be fine to have medical items work on downed players, so long as Unturned II has a better medical system then Unturned (where tee shirts become Insta-BooBoo-Be-Gones™) Finally I’d like to state that if there is a down but not out state, there must be an option for players to speed up their own demise. Suggestions have been made to prevent suicide when knocked-out, handcuffed, and/or unarmed, but all this brings about is longer waits if you’ve given up, a broken game if you’ve gotten stuck somewhere, and kidnapping/rape
if you’re found by the wrong players.

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I think that has been suggested before, but that’s actually a pretty interesting play on the mechanic. Maybe the regen could be slightly faster (1hp/2-3 seconds?). I do agree with Harvest’s suggestion of allowing you to use 1-handed items while downed.
But yeah, worst case scenario, you’re abducted by some players, and left in a 1x1 metal room with no hope of escape/suicide, leaving you to either quit the server or start again with another character.

Yeah, it needs to be slow enough so the KO is actually useful to the aggressor, but also can’t just put you down and out for fight and act the same as death, while also staying balanced that way when healing/reviving comes into play. So idk, 2-5 seconds. Maybe something else affects it? Like maybe if you just take a lot of tiny stabs of a knife you’ll regen quicker, but if it’s one nice high caliber bullet to the stomach that KO’ed you you won’t be able to get up as fast.

Sounds pretty reasonable.

I hope those one handed items dont include guns cuz if they do that ruins the whole point of making it easier to handcuff someone that is downed
Here is how i hope this downed system would work
• When you have somewhere around 5 hp you collapse to the ground (if a shot does more then 100 ho you die right away)
• While you are downed you have a maybe 20% chance to stand up (maybe with an animation)
• I think you should be able to crawl at maybe half the speed of walking prone or just the speed of walking prone
• You shouldnt be alive for a very long time and moving might make it even less time
• To be revived someone will need a medical item that would restore your hp to somewhere around 30% so if unturned II will have healing items such as the rag it wont be able to save you .

If you are restricted to one-handed item manipulation, then you would be limited to pistols, and have debuffs similar to those that will be implemented for dual wielding and using a weapon while driving. I don’t see this as problem, because the type of players that would handcuff you (i.e. RP police) are probably wearing pistol proof vests when they go to handcuff an armed player, but the turned that threaten a downed player probably aren’t.

If we assume 100 total hitpoints and only have a down but not out state between 1 and 5 hp, players would be downed only when between 99 and 95 hitpoints of damage are done. I think the only weapons that would allow such a precise amount of damage to be done without the player bleeding to death before you can cuff them, dig through their inventory, drag them away, or even bandage them would be fists.

What a 20% chance every second? Every time you manually try to start that animation? I’d rather not have a feature where you spam the get up button as fast as you can until the Random Number Gods wake you up or you get carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you starved, drowned, bled or dehydrated down to the health where you enter a down but not out state, you’ll still be starving, drowning, bleeding, or dehydrating while your down (granted the regeneration that link and the pug were discussing might counteract that somewhat) and if you got down to that health from combat, traps, falls, or vehicle accidents, you’re also still bleeding.

The increased healing while downed that was discussed above, if implemented, should IMO be a more intense version of the passive regeneration at full food/water, so it wouldn’t work when you’re starving to death, and it might make you a bit more hungry or thirsty than usual.

If you couldn’t move and use items (which are of course needed to stop starvation, bleeding, etc.) at the same time while downed, then you would seamlessly and subtly make players choose between healing and moving.

If downed players have more than a rag’s worth of health then there would be less of a concern that a rag would push them over the threshold of being able to stand up and anyways rags should just function as a tourniquet that stops bleeding, and not instantly restore any health.

I think you kind of misunderstood i ment there would be a chance to stand up after maybe some time not every seccond 20% and maybe 20% is too much and you dont spam a button to get up or anything i would point out other things but we are getting off topic

Okay that makes sense, but I would personally prefer what link suggested:

If we do want some unpredictability thrown into it I’d say drugs or mental state could change the exact number of hitpoints needed to stand back up

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ACE medical and interactiosn when?