More realistic bipod usage

So as I’m speaking right now, the bipod is essentially a grip that reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil, but only when the player is in prone position.

I’d like this to be changed to a bipod that is deployed manually when laid down (or automatically but still with an animation) and when not being used is flipped up.

Unlike our current bipod, when deployed you wouldn’t be able to move until you stood up again, or, if you don’t want to, you’d simply press the respective keybind (I’d recommend the mouse wheel click), and you’d be back to regular prone but without the benefits of the bipod affecting your guns performance.

As this system would make the use of the bipod less convenient, it would be a good reason to buff it’s effect on recoil.

If you’ve played Insurgency or Day of Infamy you’re probably already familiarized with these mechanics.


see, the difference between what you’ve suggested and how insurgency/doi handle it is in one sentence:

Unlike our current bipod, when deployed you wouldn’t be able to move until you flipped it up manually by, let’s say, using the mouse wheel.

this would be an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with, which is why the two games you’ve mentioned don’t do that: when pressing any of the movement keys it automatically takes you out of bipod mode (unless you’re prone in which case it instantly deploys the bipod again when you stop for even MORE convenience)

tl;dr revamp that line and i agree


yeah I forgot to mention standing up is also an option for getting out of bipod mode

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in that case
expression of substantial agreement

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