More Realistic Physics

Ok so we need some really cool realistic physics so I’ll suggest a couple here.

  1. Water: We can have like waves rocking ships, or flooding towns, and when you make an underwater base it can be drained of any water. and so you can walk on boats too. AND TSUNAMIS

  2. Storm: Sure we got rain but its just RAIN, nothing else. But if we could have it come with lightning that would strike buildings and even players and cars! would be great.

  3. Fire: Is what we need sure if you run across a campfire it says your hurt for a second but you dont actually catch fire. We could have people catching alight, you could pour a gas can on an area and light it on fire, explosions could cause flames and burn buildings, and it would burn buildings and let them crumble away killing those inside it.

  4. Car Physics: I know that lovely hatchback that Nelson showed us but what if we had vehicle get real time damage models so that the car could be damaged and the people inside it lose hp (depending how strong the crash is). and a plane that would crash would REALISTICLY explode into peices flinging debris and killing those inside it. Or if it crashed into a building or busy road the building or road would be damaged.

  5. Building Collapsion: What maybe the most needed thing ever is this, you can raid a bank in unturned and the building could be damaged with cracks in the wall or an apartment room blown open. A whole building collapse killing, or trapping those in it. and could burn down, flood, Tsunami.

  6. Falling: lets say you do a skydiving RP, you jump out you actually wold flail your arms if punching, or be a professional skydiver facing the ground beneath him would be cool, instead of just landing feet first.


Unturned II won’t have physics, it has chemistry.


that sucks but still nice

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you do realize he was joking right?

or am I missing something?>

Not bad…

If the goal is realism, then people shouldn’t be catching alight because they ran through a campfire. Depending on what they’re wearing and how long they spend in the fire their clothes might be ablaze or their flesh might burn, but wet fleshy things tend not to blaze brilliantly.


I like the rocking ships but we rly dont need flooding cities and tsunamis




What I’d like to see most is aircraft physics, destruction physics (of objects, vehicles, aircraft, etc), and the building physics you mentioned.

I truly hope they add this, because most survival multiplayer games really lack stuff like this. It just feels bland otherwise!

but still fun maybe

agreed we need more of that I’ll scream if its not added

Physics are such a big part of any game that I am sure Nelson will mention it in one of his upcoming devlogs. All we can do is hope. Problem is Nelson has a habit of adding simple stuff over complex stuff into his games.

You act like that’s an objectively bad thing. Take one look at the game, it’s obvious he’s going for a simple approach.

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Physics >> Chemistry.
Biologiy is literally just chemistry, which in turn is literally just physics.

As for OP, I am all for more realsim but the features themselve have to server some sort of purpose, reaslism for realsims sake should not be a thing in II (not from the getgo and not in the base game anyway. Custom modes, who knows).

If I get 20 likes on this reply before Unturned 2 releases, then I’ll make a Realistic Shitting mod.


I’m fine with normal ocean waves, but tsunamis are a bit too much, and my opinion won’t change until someone can convince me that it’d work as a gameplay mechanic beyond just flooding the map.

As far as underwater bases go, while I have always supported the suggestion I don’t believe it’s planned for U4 due to issues with how it could work, unfortunately.

Sure, but when would the game consider to do this? Obviously it shouldn’t happen every time the player falls, but would you then choose to just restrict an animation change to a specific clothing item or skill in that case? Is it worth having a different animation if it doesn’t really do anything for the player?

Drats! I was too slow to help get your post up to 20 likes. Oh well, no point in liking it now.

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At first I had typed something about it being before Unturned II releases, but then I realized I don’t actually want to make a realistic shitting mod.

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I do tho, I do


A simple approach may have been good for U3, which is more of an Arcade shooter with lots of action, but I highly doubt it will suffice for U4. U4 is being marketed as a survival game, and as something unique, and unlike U3. If he just creates the same simple thing nobody will play it. We need more realistic physics.

I disagree. The game should be kept simple. Less simple than now, but we don’t need SCUM or Eco-grade realism. You’ll hear that a lot here. Realism for the sake of realism is bad.

“More realistic physics” can mean many things. Most of what the OP described would honestly be terrible. Tsunamis? Lightning striking people? These are things we joke about commonly here, and most agree those make no sense to add.

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