More stuff for maps/charts in UII?

I haven’t seen that many map topics here, atleast latley, so here is one.

There is many different features that could be added to maps, like the most common, markings.

I’m not rly gonna go that much in to depht in this subjec, I’m just gonna write some stuff to give you an idea of what interesting and cool stuff could be added to the chart items.

Share your ideas, suggestions and opinions in the commenst, Its always good.

This topic is about the item not how the map is build

The item should have more uses, more varieties?

Different kinds of maps

There is already two kinds of maps in 3.0 the Basic paperchart and then the GPS.
UII could not only have these but more, like an makeshift map, thats very bad, but raiders and bandit mps would mabye have these…

IDEAS? didn’t really think about this just threw it out there thanks.


what I’ve heard the maps to UII will be much bigger, so this could do that one chart may not cover the whole map, you could need like 4 or 9 charts to have the whole map covered?
different areas have diffferent maps .


I wish that you would be able to Place out maps, for example on walls or tabels, by doing that you could have an chart room for your clan in your main base, and make plans, mark out locations and such.



I really like this idea and it’s a great concept.

I also like the idea that the most common maps would be slightly inaccurate and only display bigger locations and little to no details.

Also if you have the fully combined map it should take a lot of space so it would not be optimal to walk around with it at all times. This would make the gps overpowered but that could be fixed by making the gps have connection issues.


This sounds amazing and I fully agree with you.


i think yu should be able to draw on them to mark for example a stash or a base


Yes indeed, mark unmarked locations that you find or even some events that you see.

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