More Throwables!

Get the mod here: Steam Workshop::More Throwables!

Have you ever wished that you could just throw… more? Not just grenades- but axes, knives, and bricks, too? Well- with More Throwables- now you can! More Throwables lets you throw every single vanilla melee weapon, and much else besides- with craftable throwing bricks, crates, and… chemicals?

Additionally, have you ever wished that you could have gmod-style physics objects in unturned that can be pushed around by vehicles or float on water? Well, now you can! Several physics objects- ranging from pallets to washing machines- are at your disposal; each with varying properties and dimensions.


I tried it out for a bit, this mod is actually pretty cool. The throwable physics objects are particularly nice.

Gad dam this is nice

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verry cool

Does this mod work in a multiplayer?

It does although there were a few desync quirks with it when I last saw it in use.

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