More vehicle types/skins

In Unturned 3.x i really liked the idea of applying skins/painjobs to one of my cars to make it feel more personal, unfortunately there isn’t very many and two of them are for the same vehicle type. i do like that Nelson will be adding mechanics with licence plates in 4.x and i hope there can be more customization options in the future. What other vehicles should be in the game? :side_grin_zombie_:


To be fair with this one, the APC skin was kinda far-fetched already, being a literal recreation of santa’s sleigh but as an armored military vehicle. If we do have paintjobs or skins, they’d have to be toned down a lot, maybe to solid colors or simple patterns.
Admittedly, it would be a nice feature to be able to paint your car different colors. Not extremely important, but still a cool quality of life thing.

You could just as easily make these using mods, and iirc there’s already a widely-used mod out there on the workshop that’s a license plate for your car. It’s just a small redesigned placard, not too hard to make if you know how to.

Covenant ORS-Class Heavy Cruiser

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Need my trucks

I have a plan


Something like this would be interesting.


That would be very cool because towing anything in unturned is not great let alone that.

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