Most common languages in the unturned community?

Does anyone interested in knowing which languages are most common within the Unturned community? I wasn’t able to find any information, I know there are a lot of Chinese and Russian localizations out there though.

I was thinking about localizing my mod and was curious if there were any offical stats or anything.

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English is the most common in the non-Chinese community, followed by Russian and Portuguese iirc. Chinese is a special case since that community is split between Chinese and regular versions. I have no idea how big the China version is, but it’s likely that a unified Chinese community would be the largest population.


There are, both for the game and the Discord. Not sure if the game ones are public, third-party sites notwithstanding.
Anyway I’d wager it would be a better idea to just ask the people that use the mod to localize it, have a dropbox or whatever where they can upload it and if it is quality work you could publish a “official” localization and credit the guy.


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