Motor ON/OFF

Hi everyone! I have a idea for Unturned 4.0, sorry for my grammar but English isn’t my first language.

When you enter a vehicle, he is OFF. Press a key to turn on the motor and then gas is use and you can drive.
Also when you drive a plane, helicopter and boat.

Thanks for reading, bye!


I mean being able to cut the motor of a car could be useful for some scenarios, but at which point cant you just slow down?

It’s a suggestion for a realism-based mechanic (which would indirectly also let people enter the driver seat without starting the vehicle, which is a nice QoL thing in its own right), not a suggestion for an important game-changing gameplay mechanic.

People already have the ability to slow down / instantly stop / “turn off” most vehicles (by switching seats). This is mostly just a QoL-type thing (assuming most people don’t like having the car instantly turn on when you enter the driver’s seat). It’d also allow for running the car (and fuel) when not in the driver’s seat (or vehicle at all) as a side-effect, most likely.

I see this being mostly just a realism-mechanic type addition thing, but I don’t have any particularly strong feelings against it nor for it. It’s whatever, and maybe it’d “feel nice” with other vehicle-based changes.

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Nice idea, so we can annoy our friends with the horn while not spending fuel :open_mouth:


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