Mounted Machine Gun (Concept)


Give me your thoughts and opinions on it. Also, I’m reaching the 700 items on my concepts folder so I look forward to posting some soon.

I think this could work like a placeable object or how it was elaborated in comments by mounting it to a vehicle like in Athens. I could change it to work with that type of mount as a variant, but I don’t intend to make this a mod since I don’t know how.


Good No Exdee ~


It is a vehicle without wheels?


I don’t know how it’ll work, maybe it could be a placeable object/structure. For now it’s just a concept.


Im prrtty sure that you cant make a sturcture have a usable mounted gun.


Just do what athens did and have an unmovable vehicle with a gunner seat, It would be weird but you could get it to work. (btw im pretty sure you need 2 seats for the gun to work dont ask)


As stated it’s just a concept, I have no intent modding it since I don’t know how. It’s just an idea and how it could possibly work




You should probably include the “how it could possibly work” part in the actual post because if you don’t the post is just an image with WHAT IF? under it and that honestly doesnt provide much to work with.


Good point, Thanks for the feedback.


would be weird