Mounting weapons on vehicles

I know this has been discussed before. But here are my ideas on this topic.So the system works by having a few different kinds of mountings on the vehicle, Mounted guns will have better accuracy however Seating space shall be reduced in accordance with the size of the mounting. please note that pistols cannot be mounted.

1. TYPE 1 MOUNTING: This mount will be forward facing and with the field of ire of 120 degrees, with the ability to pivot the Gun Up and Down. You can mount this on most vehicles. This mount can only accept small weapons upto Light macine Guns (m249, Negev) but nothing bigger and no rocket launchers, this mounting will result in a penalty of 2 seats(except in pickup trucks). In order to mount this mount to function a hole will be made in the roof of the vehicle(only if required). It can also work on small boats and on Airplanes like the Sandpiper (although only in a backward defensive mounting)

2.TYPE 2 MOUNTING: This mount involves a mounting similar to those seen on “technicals” and the Warthog from Halo and can move 360 degrees. This mounting results in a loss of 4 seats , and this is only possible on pickup trucks or vehicles with a flat bed to the back of the vehicle. This mounting can accept heavy and medium machine guns and Rocket launchers. This works only on medium sized boats and upwards
3.TYPE 3 MOUNTING: This is similar to the mounting on a Humvee, This mounting can move 360 degrees and can accept all weapons. However the mounting an only be done on vehicles with roofs like SUVs, Sedans, Vans etc. This arrangement will incur a penalty of 4 seats as well. This works on Medium sized boats and upwards. These can be placed on planes similary to the top turret of B17 flying foretresses.
4.TYPE 4 MOUNTING: This is a Quad mount as seen on the WW2 halftrack variant. It can only be Mounted on large flatbed Trucks and can Accept any and all Weapons, The mount can also move 360 degrees.
5.TYPE 5 MOUNTING: This is for aircraft Door postions, It can take any weapon and has a space penalty of 2 seats. Additionally this is possible for large aircraft like the annushka, where similar mountings can be be made.

These mounting can be additionally upgraded with armor plates and sights however these will make the mounts movement speed slow. In order to counteract this and electric motor is necessary which makes the vehicle consume more fuel.

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Was thinking about this the other day. Seems very sandboxy being able to add weapons to vehicles like this, I like it. Would love to put a LMG in one of these. Or maybe there could be HMG’S for this exact purpose.

As well as being able to put mounted machine gun emplacements on your base. Have a low recoil heavy gun on your roof behind some sandbags or on your wall, at the obvious cost of it being mounted and immobilize.

Also I brought up the idea of wagons pulled by horses. Would be funny to put a machine gun in the back of the wagon, not very practical but could be funny.

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I don’t hate the idea itself, (forgot to uncheck the last bit on the vote area, I was in doubts) but the “Loose X amount of seats” part doesn’t seem very logical to me in all honesty. A radius that depends on the type of mount around the mounted weapon sounds like a far better idea to me, but even then flawed.

However, specially mounting weapons on the side of planes is what I dislike the most, losing two seats on those is rather illogical, losing one and setting the other one as a gunner is probably a better option?

Even then, I’m not sure mounting weapons like they’re barricades on U3 is the best way (that’s what I’m getting from what you said), Maybe an attachment-like menu would be more practical and less problematic.

Adding onto what The Berrie Man said, the mountable guns themselves should probably be modified and limited. I don’t think an Uzi would work well on a tripod on the back of a pickup truck.

yeah what I’m thinking of is an arrangement similar to the turrets in U3 that we have a slot where guns of a certain size can be placed on any structure.

I get what you’re saying but what i meant by guns on the sides of aircraft is something like thisdownload (2)
In the given case the Spooky(the airplane) can carry much in the way of people its mostly just a flying machine gun picket, this can also be seen in the Huey where they lost space when they mounted guns on em, also the space thing was just my idea and as you said it can be a radius based on the mounting rather than the weapon, since the mounting is usually bigger.

also when you mount weapons on a vehicle there has to be a trade of and yes as you said it can be in a radius , i also agree that all kinds of guns shoudnt be mountable, instead yeah you should be able to craft cradles or mounting pivots on only certain guns, but i think that Assault rifles should be mountable as well, but the thing is that the mountings mainly depend on the guns themselves and not the mounting alone so you should be able to place any gun eg you put an Eaglefire ;on a mount you can use it sure, is it any good no, thats my point many weapons should be mountable but only a few are effective.

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And in fact the Russians had horse drawn gun sleds with backward firing guns like you thought of. However having weapons for the express purpose of mounting on a vehicle is not what i was thinking im thinking that any rifle style(with mag separate from pistol grip) gun should be mountable but very small guns like carbines shouldnt be mountable the reason i think ARs should be mounatble is cos many ARs have MG variants which is the same gun with a heavier barrel and a drum mag and a bipod.

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finally i can do horse drive-bys like the ghetto cowboy i am


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