Mouse Axis Control Options Suggestion

So I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be control options for configuring axis controls on mouse for vehicles, and was wondering if it seems viable in the future to add control options for the mouse axis in U3 currently. I just want it as an option so I can fly planes much more accurately using the mouse like I’m able to in other games. I feel it matters to add mouse axis control because like a lot of other games, they all use Mouse axis X for yaw and Y axis for pitch and I wouldn’t want to relearn what I should already know how to do. Using X axis yaw is also beneficial in the way that you can also make finer adjustments horizontally compared to rolling then pitching or tediously tapping the yaw keys to make the adjustment.

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i agree, plane controls are a bit wacky and tend to be inaccurate as they are right now, I often find myself just rolling randomly until i end up where i want to go, then adjusting. During my earlier days i remember i used to almost exclusively pilot in 3rd person, to avoid having to use my mouse for piloting. I get how it works, it requires practice, but it is janky.

Also it could be cool if you could enable/disable reversed flight controls, some people just prefer to fly one way or another.

Expanded controller support would also be nice to for accuracy as well

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