Move "bug reports" into Support category?

This was something requested by a handful of people a long while back. This topic is an updated spot to voice opinions on where bug reports should be located. The ideal outcome is that they’re located in a place where users expect to be able to make them.

  • Part of the main Discussion categories
  • Part of the Support categories
  • Somewhere/something else?

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A lot of the users who make bug reports are likely used to its current location, but I’m curious as to where it makes the most sense (especially for newer users).



Would make sense to put it in support


I think the GitHub is the perfect place.

There’s way more people on the forum. If you post something about a bug, they might start to abuse it hard before it gets patched.

So I think it’s safer to put it there so it doesn’t get anyone else’s attention except Nelson and other bug posters.

If there’s a bug that serious then it should be emailed straight to Nelson, most of the ones discovered are very minor issues or ones that the community would benefit from knowing about. Like the bug where you couldn’t reload and die or it would crash the game.

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Those are exploits, which we usually don’t show publicly already.