Moveable objects and props?

Why dont nelson use spring joints? iam not copying diesel ideas he used character joints!

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Both pictures are black, or my internet is really bad

Eitherway, what are sprint joints?

their GIFs and hes pushing around some floating boxes etc

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Probably since I’m on mobile.

Still, what are sprint joints?

Spring not sprint :smiley:

Ooooohhhhhh :joy:
What are spring joints? xD

they are frexible joints

Ďon’t we already have that?
The bending of the knee and the arm of your character

That’s the just ragdoll physics on the player model’s armature (or animations, if you’re talking about waving and bicycling and stuff). This is asking about spring joints to be used in objects for moveable props.

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Lmao I didn’t use character joints I used hinge joints. Character joints are for ragdolls while hinges are most often for objects. Ecks dee.

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