Movement mechanics

Sure you’ll have jumping, but vaulting, grabbing ledges close to you, and combat rolling would make for a better game; and more ways to hide behind cover during intense combat.

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Why am I always on here?!

Rolling/diving and sliding is already implemented, with an early version of one of the two being shown in a Devlog even.

well there’s no rolling, it’s diving and sliding, but they have basically the same effect

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Yeah, that’s mainly why (them having the same effect) I just tied the words together (and specifically said “one of the two”), and also to try and imply that I was talking about the same movement mechanic. Parenthesis may have been better for that.

fair enough

In my opinion I wouldn’t really want the ability to role. It would turn out to be one of the things everyone would use

halo reach + evade ability for everyone + unlimited ability usage (+ optional lowest gravity) = quality meme combat

GTA Online on foot PvP in a nutshell: don’t stop rolling.

Or Gears of War :3

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