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Ok galera primeiramente se alguém souber traduzir isso para inglês por favor edite.

Primeiramente sempre achei unturned um jogo de PvP muito rápido apesar de parecer que ele tem de ser mais devagar com as funções de olhar para as laterais e poder agaixar e rastejar, e também quem avançar contra o outro sempre obtém vantagem… etc…

Tbm acho q pvps são muito rápidos…

Eu sei que isso é um problema da 3.0 por isso vou dar minha sugestão para 4.0 para que não aconteça a mesma coisa por lá… (por favor não me condenem!!).

Para tornar o jogo de PvP mais devagar eu acredito que tenhamos que mudar a mecânica das armas e dos bonecos digamos então que 100% vai ser a velocidade padrão. (Boneco de pé)

Regras do mecanismo.

  1. O jogador demora para puchar a mira uns 1/2 segundos deve dar. Poderia variar de arma para arma
  2. O jogador perde 10% a 100% de velocidade ao permanecer com a mira poderia variar de arma para arma
    3.o jogador não pode correr com a mira apontada
  3. A mira treme muito e o recolho é precisão das armas são multiplicaveis por exemplo. Vamos supor que a taxa de erro da arma no segundo 0 pode ser de 0.1% se você não soltasse o dedo e mantivesse atirando no segundo 2 a arma poderia estar com probabilidade de erro de 2% e o recolho começaria a pular para os lados. Isso também deve variar de arma para arma e tbm do tático usado
  4. Um bipe poderia ser posto sobre algo (janelas o chão talvez a porta de um carro) e reduziria radicalmente o recolho mas não a taxa de erro.
    5.1 Lateral bipe reduziria alavanca para as laterais
    5.2 e o bipe comum reduziria tudo um pouco

Bom é isso

The horribly mauled Google Translate version:

Ok guys first if anyone can translate this into English please edit.

Firstly I always found a very fast PvP game although it seems that it has to be slower with the functions of looking at the sides and being able to crawl and crawl, and also who to advance against the other always gets advantage … etc …

Tbm I think pvps are very fast …

I know this is a 3.0 problem so I’ll give my suggestion to 4.0 so that the same thing does not happen there … (please do not condemn me !!).

To make the PvP game slower I believe we have to change the mechanics of weapons and dolls so let’s say that 100% will be the default speed. (Standing doll)

Mechanism rules.

The player takes to puchar the aim for a 1/2 seconds should give. Could range from gun to gun
The player loses 10% to 100% of speed when remaining with the aim could vary from weapon to weapon
3rd player can not run with pointed aim
The aim shakes a lot and the collection is precision of the weapons are multiplicables for example. Let's assume that the gun's error rate in the second 0 could be 0.1% if you did not release your finger and kept firing on the second 2 the gun could be with a 2% error probability and the recoil would begin to jump sideways. This should also vary from gun to gun and also from tactical used
A beep could be put on something (windows the floor maybe the door of a car) and would radically reduce the collection but not the error rate.
5.1 Lateral beep would reduce lever to the sides
5.2 and the common beep would reduce everything slightly

Good is this

Wikipedia says tbm is an abbreviation for tambén, which means also.
What Google translated as dolls, I think would be models or animation in this context.
3rd player is pretty obviously supposed to be 3rd person.
No idea about bipe/beep though.


  • PvP in Unturned should be slower, as it is too fast in the OP’s opinion

  • Changes in combat mechanics is needed, as the player who advances has the advantage

  • In order to ADS, it takes about half a second, more or less depending on the weight/ergonomics of the gun

  • The player loses varying amounts of movement speed while aiming

  • In 3rd person you cannot run while aiming

  • There is lots of scope sway or aim sway, which can be reduced by various grips, much like 3.0


Maybe ping?

We need translators. I can translate Chinese, but not much else.

If that’s what OP said, then i agree with what he’s suggesting. They sound logical, and not too crazy

Oh, I googled images of ‘Lateral bipe’ and they were all chairs, and bipods. Only one of those would fit the description.

apologies for the abbreviations when I write is automatic.
tbm = também and = also or as well…
e bipe is the bip of weapon

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