Mre,Holsters,Belts and others

Today i have some good ideas to the game about some things that could be added and change the gameplay of Unturned II or inprovet it.

Starting with:

MRE:well we have that one in unturned .3 but i would add new meanings to that great-military-food-in-package.
here are some suggestion to apllicate to that:
-More variants like raviloli MRE,Pizza MRE and etc.
-Have different sise of package from 2x1 to 3x3 or more.
You could unpackaged them and have small bits of food out of package like in peperoni pizza MRE a pizza (who could expect that) a water and some salad.
-Also you could use that pack that left to hold diffrent things you name it!!!

Kay now the holster talk (belts included too.)
Did you wanted use more guns or weapons of every type? Well you hit the jackpot because that two guys help you a lot with it.
-you can hotkey gun/melee as long you have holster/belts or sheets for your stick that help you play a old school baseball or gun.
-it will make you slower but atleast you dont beed to reload anymore.
-belts you can attach to guns such a rifles,shotguns and etc.
-max you can get 7 pistol holster sheets only 2
or instead sheets 2 weapon with belt on it
-the placement for pistol holster will be 2 on hips 2 on ribs and 3 on your chest for sheets/belts 2 on back
-(this swich for weapon thing doesnt incueds for poses a holster/sheets or belts)swiching weapon for another should look that: you have your weapon equiped on hands if you want switch to gun n.2 you first hide weapon to holster/sheet/(you get it) and now reaching for next tool of your survival 2 steps only in 2 seconds(depends how much gun weight)

Next thing is that… have you ever had dream about not living in those 4 wall of metal your calling home? Well if you enjoyed staing there so i acusses you of boring home owner.well it would be cool living in normal house before even in apocalypse so the idea is you can recreat a home from brick with nice details like a balcon on your second floor and be in any color cuz this material would be dyebull (is that correct word? Nah) and you could make floors green and anything you creat.
Wallpapers and decoration of walls would be also nice some decend take.

Work station.
Place where you het work.
But now you mus work on something to help you or someone else.
And payment is what you did in those places.
Well we need a work stations such as anvil
-make melee weapons and creat metal if you have some scrap.
-you can change a look and the purpose of tools and weapons make of metal (or add metal thinks to something not made out of it)
-well we can change 3 componments of pickaxe but others have diffrent parts of item that makes them what they are
Exa. You can make new head for golf club that its just a spike or haft that is heavier and haft that is kinda comftrebul
Weapon station
-it make attachments and guns
-fe. a stock that reduce recoil from hunting rilfe and blababababbaaahabbaahhabababba you name it
-want better than homemade gun you need to requier higher skill of gun making or should i say a pipe stick with weird pin in this that make magic projectlies
Ammo station
-mine pockets full of death and some of them are more deadlyer depend of
Armor station
-a armor plates of any type and size
-chestcarriers of any type and size
I will add some more spice.untill next time.


Virtually all of this is already planned or added to the beta.


Oh even those diffrent types of mre?


Not the variety, but the possibility of dividing food into portions.


Yeah that is good too i think nelson want to make the mechanic of cutting something to little pieces. I maybe be righr and was about food but in MRE a lot of things in it
even something little to cook your food i just wanted seperate mre from normal food because it may make this ration more interesting and that if you get hands on it it wouldnt be waste of time,place in invetory and not to break your spine of holding in your inventory. Also variety would make diffrence cuz some may contain more calories or water i dont think that should be 100 or 25 of them maybe 3-5 types


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