Much simpler GUI

I’ve some suggestions to the way the Unturned GUI looks like, I think the current GUI is a bit too detailed, which is both good and not.
The good : You can see almost all the data you needed in one screen.
The bad : You lost some portion of your visible area of the screen, or at least, feel so messy yet organized.

I’ve come with new idea for the GUI suggestion

It’s probably need refinement.

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Felt like pointing out you can already disable the Workshop thing, just not the Steam news thing (which is pretty important to show up by default regardless, since too many people don’t read patch notes nowadays).

That aside, I don’t think the current UIs are complicated. They’re overly simplified to the point of not being intuitive (for some people) and not being aesthetically pleasing (for some people).

Why is this in Unturned 4.x and not Unturned 3.x? Are you just using the Unturned 3.x menu as an example of the style you would like to see in Unturned 4.x?

First, I don’t think Unturned 3’s GUI will be changed, because a lot of people already familiar with and it’s been like that for a long time, but it’ll be good if somehow Unturned 4.x have more let say simpler yet intuitive GUI, like from Unturned 2, and then changed to Unturned 3.

I know, that patch note’s are important, but in my thought is, why not telling the player if the game have new patch, but it’s optional to read them, not just like, “Hey, we have a new patch, you have to read it even if you don’t want, every time.”.

Second, ( I don’t think this is gonna be numerically sorted though )
Maybe I need to fix it, yes, it’s not complicated, but not intuitive either.
Each section of the menu is using transition and hiding another element, when showing it’s content which even not filling up to 60% of the screen, there are a lot of free space.

And for the settings, there are some controls is not understandable, is that a button ? a checkbox ? a scrollbar ?
I mean, yeah maybe some people can tell what it is, but for new player, it’s hard to distinguish them.
Or maybe what I want to say is, the UI element is not Bold enough to be realizable.

And for example, in the settings section, all options are stacked on top of each other despite the width of the control are not even filling the screen, so why not grouping and stacking from left to right for same or near related settings.

As I say, my design is still prototype and not even prettier than Unturned has.

Glad for hear the feedback.

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