Multi-mode Unturned

What I want?
Look, I have cool idea but I think not only me.
I think unturned need so many game modes(official servers) and full customisation.
For example:
TDM mode
2 teams just play on small map 5 Vs 5 or bigger count
Don’t need to explain
King of the hill mode
Like a pubg, don’t need to explain.
Just survival
Like a standard unturned.
Zombie survival
On small of medium map real players Vs AI zombie, waves, etc.
(Or can switch to real players zombies)
RP(unofficial mode, already done, we just need tools to realize that)
If game will got many many game modes that can be better than Arma. Or like a Roblox but better.
That’s all will be increase the data base and add hours to play, for example:
I’m playing at survival, I was dead. I bored from survival mode, but instead go to play PUBG I will open PUBG official server on Unturned

Arena mode is already a battle royale (same as PUBG.)
Battle Royale =/= king of the hill
4.X is supposed to offer more options for modders for things like custom game modes.
Nelson has decided to mainly (though not exclusively) focus on survival mode with 4.X, and allow the community to create, update, and balance other game modes.


I keep seeing these people who keep suggesting PvP ideas on a game that is going to be mainly PvE and it triggers me


This is a nice idea but not for Unturned. Unturned at its heart is a survival game with some PvP elements in there :gun: such as fighting other players for loot or just to protect your territory. These game modes will destroy what is left of the PvE element that Nelson is trying to bring back, so I don’t think that this is good for Unturned.

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What is
I cannot understand
Why the hell people format like this.
Please, people

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Syllables per line: 2, 1, 6, 8, 3

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What does this have to do with this post?

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