Multi-slot wearables

Some wearables could be used in more than a single slot, for example:
You could use the bandana as a necklace and on the head beside being a mask. Or use a t-shirt as a mask.


Maybe some clothing take up more than 1 slot. For example:

  • Welding Mask and Hockey Mask take up the glasses and mask slot
  • Football Helmet take up the hat and mask slot
  • Diving suit take up pants and shirt slot

if either of these are to be implemented, perhaps the slot UI should be changed so that there’s a picture of a player in a t-pose with lines connecting the slots to their proper location

so for example the mask and glasses slot would be connected and be near the face

might make a picture later but probably not

That’s already in devlog 004

none of what any of us have described is in that devblog, because we’re elaborating on what was shown in it.
don’t know where you’ve been.


maybe when equipped a football helmet a “X” would appear in the mask slot.
that is a simple solution for that.

that’s not very intuitive though

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