Multiple Sensitivity Values for diffrent zoom/scope levels

This is something that ive seen discussed about on reddit, steam and even this forum years ago.
I think it should be considered, as I dont see many downsides and I think it would be an ultimate benefit for the playerbase.

Besides, other multiplayer games have those same options so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.
If you need some examples: Rainbow Six Siege, Player Uknown’s BattleGrounds, Apex Legends.

Lets discuss, friends.


I’m not sure if it would make that much of diffrence :thinking:

In my opinion games having separate sensitivity options for zoom levels is unnecessary because the sensitivity can be automatically calculated. Both Unturned and Unturned II automatically adjust the sensitivity, though Unturned II did a better job of it and should probably be backported.


I understand, however I still think its beneficial to atleast have the option to change 7x and higher scopes independant of my cross of chevron. (Or at the very very least, an ads sensitivity multiplier.)
As the only option right now is to change your overall sensitivity higher than one would be comfortable with just so you can be comfortable with the low zoom or mid zoom scopes. It feels abit too slow is my point.

So I disagree with them being unnecesary. I appreciate your reply however, thank you.

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Probably, its something that would mostly benefit player using first person view.
Unfortunately, the majority of the playerbase uses third person anyway it almost seems like a useless suggestion.
But im never against extra options to increase player comfortability.

(The topic in discussion has only been talked about lightly anyways, with players making the suggestion but not getting any attention on it.

Its atleast great to see what the consensus is on it.)


There are first person servers. People like it. Plus, even on 3rd person servers scopes have their uses.

I agree with you completely, im not saying scopes are useless, im just saying it would be better to have the option to tweak sens for comfort as theres no way to change it to ones liking currently, only the preset option is available.

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