Mushrooms and hallucinations

-Find edible mushrooms with raw or cooked in soups.
-Poisonous mushrooms that cause nausea and hallucinations.
-(Assuming the virus is a fungus like the mushroom that tranforms the ants into zombies: https: // mushrooms of the zombie viruses found in buildings, farms, and in forest areas if eaten leaves you very infected and common medicines do not work so you die, but with some samples of the mushroom and a high chemical skill an energized laboratory and other materials it is possible to create a remedy to stop the infection so common remedies go back to work (the vaccine stop the infection does not cure you) .

-Hallucinations More realistic hallucinations

I talked about poisonous mushrooms that cause hallucinations but if the hallucinations caused by mushrooms are more realistic, there are more transparent zombies wanting to attack us, sounds of shots and grunts, noise of carnage, cars flying among other disturbing things although it seems a little unnecessary would make hallucinations but they are often involved in dealing with cities where it would be difficult to differentiate common zombies from hallucinations, also against players where it would be difficult to know if they are real shots or hallucinations.

Badda Bing

Badda Boom

I dont really feel the need for hallucinations that “vivid” because thats not what psychocybin actually does to you, and it would be more fun to have berries be the hallucinogenic drug so that they have a true legacy

Berries will still cause hallucinations but mushrooms cause stronger hallucinations and take a little longer to stop.

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