Wild (Harvestable) plants/fungi + different types of mushrooms

In 3.0 the only way to get plants was by finding seeds in stores/farms and mushrooms in caves. maybe in 4.x there could be wild plants like wild corn growing in fields tomatos by the roadside. Carrots potatos and lettuce in fields and finaly different mushrroms on trees and grass similar to how berry’s grow in 3.0

(wild carrot plant)
This post was a bit of a mash but i think most of you got it by the title


tl;dr: add foraging to 4.0

My opinion: in addition to having suggested this quite a few times I’d definitely like to see this in 4.0.

Foraging is a huge part of real survival.


There should be a mustard plant. When you eventually make mustard (it’s not hard, I’ve made a lot) it should give you +100% memes and +150% movement speed, jk. However It should give you +15 to 20% less food loss, or longevity to food (I don’t know how to say it).

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