Musical instruments

It’d be nice to find musical instruments that you could play, and/or buy on the marketplace, to add a nice feel to the game.
Let’s face it, it’d be nicer than boomboxes blasting out the goddamn Unturned theme on loop.


not that this would add anything to the game whatsoever, it would just be a cool/wacky thing to add onto the game.

i aprove and instruments easy to touch (that can not make chords) like flutes, ocarinas.

I imagine it like the actions panel © where you’d get a selection of things to play (song, tune, etc).

I still like the idea of having stereos and such, but much more improved, so the owner can play any music that desires. If not, how am I supposed to make hard parties at RP servers without some kiddo spamming horrible music through is mic?

@Zero guitars aren’t that complicated if implemented properly; there can be a set of keys to play and two play modes:

  • Chords mode, on which each key is a complete default chord (for average players).
  • Plucking mode, (for experts and music enthusiastics) on which you play the strings individually and in a determined fret of the guitar.

Also things like drums and pianos would be easy. Ocarinas? This isn’t TLOZ, lol; bring harmonicas instead :smiley:

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BrainOut intensifies


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