Mutated zombies

Mutated zombies like resident evils zombie tongue’s and some more big zombies that are hard to kill and some stealthy zombies that grab u if ur under a bridge and instantly eat you alive and u got a chance to get out of it when your in its stomach yeaaaa u get it

And i think nelson would be struggling to make them blocky

Edit:Maybe make the zombies looks scary

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This is something I wanted to make a post about, since zombies do also need a rework.

About normal zombies, I think that those should be stronger, and if more numerous, then just a lil’ bit slower for rebalance. Also I’ve thought on some tweaks to add realism:

  • Walkers (and every non-special zombie) should be able for some body parts to be ripped off, specially the head. Even more alike when using chainsaw or heavy guns like Grizzly (just by dissapearing the missing part like buildables do when destroyed will minimize lag impact in case of a massive zombie slaughter).

  • Sprinters to not appear “doggy-like” anymore. Just being a running zombie is ok.

  • Crawlers to be as weak as a sprinter, and any ‘walker’ to be turned into ‘crawler’ if it misses its legs.

  • Spitters to spit slightly more often but reduce the size of their projectiles (they spit acid nades in 3.x lol).

  • Flamers to lit you up on fire if you take many of their hits. Also they need to look more burnt-up, so it looks more realistic.

  • Flankers to not be “predator-like” camouflaging zombies (so wtf). It would be nice if those were just super-agile shamblers able to climb fences, walls or even ceilings in order to reach you, like from WWZ (current normal zombies can’t even leap over a gap). And if there will be camouflage involved, at least let it be realistic camo: zombies covered in leaves, grass, mud, sand or debris depending on where you find them (or they find you).

If I’ve forgot to talk about any zombie who also needs tweaks, please reply.


Tope, plz format your posts better. It is very hard to understand.

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Btw ask someone if u cant understand my posts. Cause they can understand my cat talks meowwww

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The flanker is a great one

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