My 4.x Wishlist

Unturned 3.x seemed to become more and more about pvp with most of the updates. I’d like to see 4.x go more the survival route, or at least give more options. Pvp has been refined and expanded, but there have been few survival components added to the game recently. Here are a few things I’d like to be included.

Make city looting unnecessary for survival with:
-Toxicity regenerates with time when food and thirst are up (just like health). Otherwise, sooner or later drugs would be needed which can only be found in towns.
-All materials available in the wild (cloth is the first thing to come to mind, because you can only get it from scrapping clothing)
-Makeshift versions of most item that are poorer quality (ammo, more makeshift weapons, makeshift/handmade clothing, etc)

More stamina based transportation:
-But food and thirst decrease more when using these items
-Canoe where more than one person can contribute to it’s speed or divide the food penalty
–require a paddle to be used
-Skateboards, rollerblades, etc (including makeshift versions that would take more energy and/or move slower)
-These have a benefit in pvp as well, for stealth raids or recon

Ability to look around while flying helicopters and planes.

Zombie variety:
Not more special zombies, like the fire one. What I mean is more faces, variations of color, and most importantly, random stats (detection distance, speed, health, damage, etc). By making the zombies varied in this way, they become less predictable, which will make them more challenging. As they are now, it is easy to clear large hordes without much, if any, effort, which makes them feel a bit like an afterthought on servers with pvp.

I heard it mentioned somewhere (can’t remember where) that zombies might be able to roam outside of towns to track and attack player bases. I’d recommend them not attacking a base until it meets certain criteria, such as having a claim flag, have X amount of base pieces, something like that.

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good, the zombie hordes should be like every full moon and they should come in hordes to attack you (or your base if you are near)

you can also get cloth elsewhere

I’d take a revamp in the ammunition system to be more realistic.

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