My apology

Dear players of unturned and Nelson.

I want to apologize for hacking about 530 (at this moment of writing) days ago. Back then I was that guy that installed hacks because I hated the snipers that you just could not see because they were too skilled.
So, I got caught. At first, I tried contacting Nelson and I made up all kind of excuses. That only made my story more unbelievable and making me even more stupid. After making up those excuses and not getting responses I decided to accept it and just leave it alone. But soon after I started missing it pretty hard. I bought some other games and forgot some of the fun moments that I had. But then, just a few weeks ago. All those memories returned. And I was sad, sad that I couldn’t play. So then I thought: ‘Hey, why not make an alt? Then I can play with my friends and slip under the radar.’. And it worked. For 5 days I had loads and loads of fun. I bought some kits on a server I was playing on. I was planned on buying unturned gold, buying everything I had on my old account. But then, today. My alt account also got banned. And all those fun moments are gone again. I really wish that Nelson and the community can forgive that I have done. That I have ruined other people experience in the past. But I am sorry. And I wish that I receive a second chance.

Thank you, if you have even spent the time reading this.
With all my regards, Alex (ishrekmodz/takadown)


The rules on hacking are pretty simple, so I don’t think an apology can cut it sadly.
You should apologize to yourself for hacking as that not only lying to yourself but abusing the fun of others.
Who knows, maybe you’ll get that second chance, but I highly doubt it.
As soon as Battleye detects that you’ve hacked in the past, it will ban you over and over again.


I also do not think that i will be unbanned. But I still wanted to appologize.

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Well, good on you. Most people just try to cop out from responsibility and make up stories to get unbanned. You at the very least own up to your wrongdoing.

If I’m not mistaken on how Game Bans work, you’ll get a second chance with Unturned II coming. Just don’t fuck it up.

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the username is a little ironic

How you get banned a second time?


Thats what im wondering too, battleye isnt a ip ban.

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If only my old friend Hudson would do the same thing. Ehh whatever, he’s an ass anyways.

Oh, hudson. What a character he is.

hudson probably idk

The picture won’t load so I dunno. He’sa YouTube whose made a fortnite clickbaight channel out of his unturned one.

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It could be
Maybe it’s in the new updates

As humans, we forgive you for owning up to your mistakes. But as a player, i don’t think it’ll change anything for you.

Maybe this is a lesson for next time, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. But either way, Unturned is free and you can probably make another alt unless BattlEye banned your IP, which in that case, I have nothing to do for you

Yes, I also thought that it was weird that my second account was banned, I also did the check game files thing on steam and nothing was found. I know what i did was wrong and I do not think that my main account will be unbanned. But if alt accounts will get banned then I can never play again. And that is what I wish. That I could play again.

Don’t chit in games pls

If you dont wanna get banned from BE remove all the hax from the hard drive empty the trash bin remove all traces and you’re’mst good to go.


While I’m sure your apology is appreciated, nobody here can give you a second chance (at playing the game).

VAC bans are permanent, not controlled by Nelson, and not appeal-able. BattlEye bans are permanent, not controlled by Nelson, and are only appeal-able from BattlEye Support if you did not cheat.

If you have hacked on your device in the past, or your Steam accounts share the same phone number (at the time of the infraction), then alternative accounts are likely to be banned (by BattlEye or VAC respectively).

If you have a BattlEye Global Ban, then you cannot play any BattlEye games on that account. If it is not a global ban, then you’ll be able to play Unturned II (as N3rf said).

The problem here is,we and Nelson as humans can and will forgive you,but I don’t think that Battleye thinks the same way as us.

It was good on your side that you apologized,but rules are rules,and machines/programs obey them by the letter,no excuses.

Thanks for forgiving me.
But as i stated before, I do not think that il get unbanned, all tho I know that it is possible because battle-eye and steam says so. But That doesn’t matter. But the thing that I just want is that if i create a alt account that that one wont get banned.



Creating an alt is generally considered ban evading and typically results in a further punishment. Not 100% sure how it plays into this situation though.

You knew the risks.
No mercy.