My Ban Appeal


My name is Eduardo Cisneros or as I am known online ItzEdInYourBed. I am a well-known figure in the Unturned community as I moderate /r/Unturned, moderate the MLBB Discord and many other Unturned related communities listed on my Steam profile. I feel as I have been unfairly banned from the Official Unturned Discord. Sven(fr34kyn01535) is the person that banned me and gave the reason “Conspiring with hackers” which is something I have not done. I posted all evidence to support my innocence on Twitter. This has caused damage to my name as Sven has claimed for me to conspire with hackers. I feel as if this person is unfit to own and manage the official Unturned Discord because this is not the first time he has falsely banned people with invalid evidence. It is also posted on Twitter. Click that Twitter link to view everything that supports my innocence and to view that Sven is unfit to manage an official Discord for the game. I hope you can consider removing my unfair ban. Thank you.

Eduardo Cisneros


Unfortunately, this has happened a lot. It looks like you were indeed unfairly banned, but Sven isn’t exactly known for being fair on these kinds of things.


Were you aware that you were setting up a server for a cheat distributor? That’s the only part I didn’t get, but I understand that you’re simply hired to do something you could do and not being involved with their business

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Why is he unfit to own and manage that Discord server since he created it and Nelson approved it ?

You have been banned for being staff on a discord server selling cheats and you will not be unbanned, as well as every other buyer, staff, or anyone associated (DOES NOT include people who are simply in the discord) with that discord and he was aware that it was a cheat discord


You are pretty much the same as fr34ky. Assuming things you don’t know. How do you know that he “knew it was a cheating discord”. Honestly I wish you’d get demoted from moderator I wouldn’t trust you with any power either.

Question, how can you tell me what I do and don’t know? If you look over the evidence proving my innocence you would notice the image where I was contacted by an owner of that server to help setup dyno, in those images you would also see that I including evidence of me setting up dyno.

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As I PMed you via Discord shortly after this with pictures i had zero idea what the Discord was for. I was invited, join, and mentioned in a channel, i was mentioned like instantly so i viewed that channel and told me what they wanted setup.

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Banning people unfairly and not hearing their side of the story. Ed seems innocent, or at least “wrong place wrong time”.

^ Basically this ^

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Welp the conversation I had in Unturned discord didn’t go well. Though I already doubt negotiations aren’t gonna happen, it’s all “I don’t care” and “He’s helping cheaters” with nothing supporting that claim

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I’m not really suprised at this point. Good on you for trying to talk to them though.

What do you mean?

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As stated my reasons for him being unfit for this role is due to him abusing both now and before. If you look at the Tweet I provided you would see what I mean. Just today he called out Kohai saying his website is stolen from csgostash with zero evidence supporting that. Kohai made his site on his own, they’re even written in 2 different languages.

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Gonna be honest, i read your response before i read the context. Deleted it because it made me look stupid. Apologies.

Well, first off, you can’t simply throw out “he’s not fit for being owner” and all that shiz. That was a bit childish to be honest.

But Sven banning you without warning is a bit irresponsible of him.

Though, when setting up Dyno, you should make sure who these people are. You might be innocently setting up Dyno and all, but the people who invited you might be the reason. Did you know anything about the people who invited you?

Oh he did know that they were making a cheat discord: this was a few days before any of this even happened and there is more messages of him acknowledging that it has cheats on the discord even further back and even now he knows its a cheat discord and he’s still staff in it afaik, if you still believe anything after this then you are believing a liar

So he was banned for a good reason and should stop whining is what you’re saying?
Good cop gone bad?

Yet he stated he is “Not promoting the use of cheats” right in the image. If he isn’t promoting cheats and is only there managing dyno and he got banned for being inside that discord that would mean you are also associated with cheaters as you are also inside the discord. So technically you should be banned too as you are even more guilty than him. He said he manages dyno but you are there for no reason that means you may as well be working with the cheaters.

Might as well ban everyone in that discord

If our friend was just making Dyno and had Absolutely NO Idea that the discord was a cheating one, then he should be unbanned. No, “he doesn’t fit for the job” or any of that.

People who know they’re in a cheat discord and stay there, even if not promoting them, should be banned because your “mere” (spelling) presence acts as a bonus to them by number.