My Ban for Unturned Appeal


My name is Kyle Lindsey aka Bambie or Invalid as I’m known online.
I used to be a Unturned YouTuber and enjoyed playing this game days pond days on end with no sleep.
My Account was banned from Online play inside of Unturned, I was banned for attempting to hack the game. I’m going to be completely honest… I was stupid when I was a kid. I was banned exactly 1014 Days ago, this was a very immature thing of me to try to do and all because of a stupid reason (long story short I wanted to troll my friend). I do believe my ban was deserved, It was wrong of me to hack. But I do believe I’ve served my time roughly about 2 - 4 years ago was the last time I played Online Unturned and had a enjoyable time with me friends. I am willing to post a video to YouTube about my Ban if necessary. All I want to do if be able to play this amazing game again, this game holds a ton of my childhood when times were simpler but I digress.
I do hope you consider removing my Game Ban.

Thank you for Reading,


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No problem.


Sorry but we do not process ban appeals here even if you’ve acknowledged the consequences (No one in the community can remove it). Even BattlEye, who you should be going to, wouldn’t unban you for that reason (They only lift bans for false positives).

Like all others, it’s not a great move to create an account here only to get your ban removed.