My car disappeared help!

my car disappeared after I saved the game and returned to my map, I was inside the vehicle when I left the world and when I came back I appeared elsewhere and when I returned to the last region where my car was, it was not more there. HELP!


Unturned is weird about disconnecting in cars, nothing you can do about getting it back without spawning it in.

Unfortunately not the nothing you can do but I would recommend activating the cheats get the car back with all the items that could be in it, no one will judge you :crazy_face:


If you log out in an invalid position it will put you back at one of the spawns. The vehicle was also likely deleted.


god damn car jackers

I hate when car jackers steal my car while I’m sleeping, drive me to a random beach, drop me off, and drive off to a random location.
We need a special police unit for these scenarios >:(


Cheat it in. It’s gone bro.

Sometimes when this happens the car might glitch under or above the map, hence why you can’t see it.

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