My Car Mechanics Demonstration and Concepts


I have been working on other mechaics of my game, specially weather, but I forgot to show you guys a demonstration of the current status of the var mechanics. This is about suspension, traction, acceleration and related things, not about brake lights, velocimeter, etc.
There are 3 types of differencial, Front Wheel Drive, and 4 Wheel Drive, in this video, you can see that the Front Wheel Drive (First car) and the Rear Wheel Drive (Second) can’t go up the ramp, but the 4x4 (Third) can.

Now here’s a demonstration of the suspension system on some bumps:

In the next video, I was trying to do some drift on the Rear wheel drive car, but it is a little bit too slipery, needs some tweaks hahaha


i think it looks great so far


Its great so far



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Super nice.
Just an idea: what if you left the RWD vehicle as slippery as it is, but added a key/option to enable and disable Traction Control?


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That could be implemented easily, really good idea.


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What will the Game be about


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Now I’m back, being a regular again. Also this week I plan to show more things I have implemented.