My concept for the main menui



Personally, I don’t like it. A little empty. These dark frames with titles “Singleplayer” etc. on the left do not suit me either.


I kind of feel having a screen this empty with a big “gold upgrade” button is not the best.especially after unturned actual main menue which is a good concept.Each button mooving you to a section of a building and giving you access to buttons.Might need a bit of work

I think people would to see something different because this is very similar to Unturned’s menu. I was thinking of a very sharp clean design.

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I tried to pay respects to the Unturned 3.0 menu and the background is a placeholder for whatever scene you want on the survival maps once they’re released

so you essentially want a main menu identical to the one in 3.x?

This could absolutely use a bunch of polishing but I like the concept you’re going for here. My biggest concern right now is this:



i have no idea how to use photoshop so i used photofox on my phone

not exactly i just want one that kind of pays respects to the 3.0 menu

its a bit hard to do that when the only maps we have are testing maps with dev textures so i did what i could with the resources provided also its a bit hard to show different parts of a menu in one picture but i was thinking like movement around the car/building or whatever else someone wants to put there

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