My current project i've been working on for quite some time


Its based on the game Metro 2033 as you can probably tell.
The map is 50% complete.I can use some help with the npc’s if you are interested.:smiley:
Let me know what you think!


It looks amazing. Nice job man!


not gonna lie, this looks like it could be it chief


It would also be cool if the map had more deadzones than others and more gasmask spawns to simulate
the radiation fallout.

Also,what size will the map be?


The map is medium sized but not the whole map is explorable since is insipired mostly by the game.
The map is gonna be mostly a deadzone except undeground metro stations.


Interesting…Are those custom objects or did you compound them?


The big tower in the second pic is compound(made out for few tunnels)


This could be a really good map provided you learn how to model stuff like that. Not only does it look better, but it also runs better.


This looks good. But you should invest your time to custom models. It both really improves performance (which allows for more detailing) and also looks way better.


I can make the models pretty easy the problem is they don’t show in game.Im having trouble importing them to the game(its been a while since i tried and forgot some tings).
I be happy if someone could do that for me :\


Good luck Artyom, it looks great.


Hi man,i tried to make custom objects as you said. Everything went smooth until i got to unity.
I have no idea how to use it to export custom objects.
Is there any video tutorial up to date or something witch shows how to make it?


looks great


Nelson has made a tutorial on buildings before, unfortunately I don’t have the link though.


very nice,
I think this is the first map i actually like

well… besides stasven


damn, thats nice


All good. But press f1 (i think) to hide road nodes.


Alright typically when i used to be active on this forum i’d see these kind of posts really frequently where it’s “hey guys i need ideas for my map!!!” and some fetus from -400 bc on they’re grandparents zenix 2000 calcultron would have made “survival island rp - no zombies and beta”

But holy shit bro this is actually really good