My feedback on ranger/military ammo and weapons

Right now in 3.0 we have three kinds of ammo.

Civilian, for low tier guns and such

Ranger, used to be for rarer weapons that were either below military weapons or on par (pre russia), now for the best guns in the game, as well as the worst at the same time (multi caliber ars vs the snay)

Military, used to be for more common but less durable weapons that were generally better, or at least prefered, to ranger and were more “allrounders,” although they could be lacking in say damage to make up for this (maplestrike vs old zube, for example), now for somewhat subpar weapons (cough eaglefire) and to take advantage of using military drums in the multi cal ars.

I’m not even going to mention the High cal ammo types. They serve the exact same purpose, but Military high cal is prefered due to the Grizzly.

The main update that really messed everything up was Russia. Suddenly we had the Zube, Snay, and Mata nerfed/buffed into odd abominations (I’m not sure if the Mata was changed in this update, correct me if im wrong), (this being more of a pet peeve than anything) non-Russian weapons being used as Ranger weapons, and a shift in ranger/military relations.
We now had Ranger weapons that were straight upgrades to Military, as well as Ranger weapons that were straight downgrades to Military.
Most of these new Ranger weapons kept their high durability, but with Military weapon stats, and sometimes even better.

The second update that messed up everything further was Germany, and the multi caliber update right before it. Suddenly the already arguably best assault rifles in the game suddenly got 100 times better, and the line between Ranger and Military was effectively lost.

I’ve always been partial to Military weapons being better than Ranger weapons overall, and the Ranger tier serving as a middle ground between Civilian and Military, but pre-Russia Ranger weapons, with their stats being on par with Military, didn’t really cause me any issues. I honestly just wanted Ranger locations to be more common and for them to have, say, more zombies or something.

Looking ahead for 4.0, I think 4.0 should focus on not having two tiers of weapons (that being Ranger and Military) being basically the same, but rather there being a difference.

Military weapons should be the best of the best, the most up to date. Ranger weapons (pre-Russia) were and still should be older, more durable weapons left behind by (most likely) bandits and the like.

Making the Ranger weapons more unique by giving them overall higher damage per shot but making their other stats overall worse than Military would help make Ranger weapons, and in turn ammo, into a more middle grounds sort of thing.

I apologize for this being a huge wall of text, in truth, I didn’t cover everything I wanted to. I’m mainly putting this up for discussion.

tl;dr ranger got screwed up as a weapon category and should be reworked to its pre-russia state, if not into a more middle role between civilian and military

What do you want to see for 4.0 in terms of ammo types and weapons?


Detailed calibers
Mosin Nugget…

Yeah no. Actual weapon names aren’t happening. And detailed calibers shouldn’t, either. It’d lead to balancing issues, as certain calibers would overlap. Not to mention there’s a shit ton of different calibers to begin with, and even more if you want to go “detailed” (aka 7.62 nato, 7.62 rimmed, 7.62x39, etc)