My First Version of a Low-Poly Tree for my Game

This is my first version of a Low-Poly tree for my game. Now the textures are not final, but as a first version i think they look ok for what im trying to achieve. Same goes with the leaves (Density, size, etc.). Tell me what you think! Also Screen Space Global Illumination for Eevee is wild.


I really really dig the aesthetic for some reason :awe_zombie_:

Heres the first version of the grass as well


It looks very nice to me, I just think it looks very orange (my eyes hurt a little), it must be “Screen Space Global Illumination”, which I don’t know what it is, but other than that it’s a great job.

Ngl it’s pretty cool

One thing I’ll say, all the colours are very similar and they mush together in my view, I don’t know what to look at, the tree’s bark is blending in with the grass, and the leaves do as well.

This is clearly somewhere in Autumn but we can have some artistic liberties, I would make the grass more green and bright, make the bark darker and more rugged (perhaps with an overlayed bark texture).

Other than that, this looks hella cute!

the grass looks like tiny trees

it looks like you have a lot of individual grass meshes all casting shadows, might cause performance issues in the future.

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