My ideas of helicopter features (EDITED)

This post was very short but now i added new features but most of the features still there, i put the old ones at the end of the post if you want to see them (actually dont do lol)

Part 1


  • Working doors (i would love to see a door opening like in mgs:gz )

  • Mounted guns (dragonfang for american helis and nykorev for russian helis)
    (no hell’s fire, too op for an mounted gun i think?) Mainly for Attack helicopters

  • Main guns like hell’s fury (but less firerate or just less ammo or its harder to find) or rocket launcher?

  • Flares (smoke grenades)

  • Mounted guns 2 (they dont come with a gun, instead they work as somekind of bipod) Mainly for Support/Utility helicopters like Huey or Orca from 3.0

and a feature that its VERY , Very useful.

Helicopters with somekind of rope so players can get down the helicopter or get in, but they would just be able to use one-handed weapon (or no weapon) Actually this feature would be Very useful.

-Going into an mountain with an stealth helicopter and while you friend keeps the helicopter hovering you get off by rope and get into an camping spot (lol)

-Going to Kill some players by hovering, throwing a flare so the enemy players cant see your friends going donw in rope


Part 2


  • Hovering Option in helis (only in advanced helis or by upgrading a heli?) but has a limit of speed so you cant turn it on if you are going too fast
  • Ability to close/open doors from cockpit
  • Search light for Rescue helis (but one that the co pilot can aim and use it as a camera) Mainly for RP
  • Automatic Rope System (only in rescue/advanced helicopters) that does the same as a rope but automatic
  • GPS?!?!?!

Removed Ideas because the dont fit unturned (atleast not in survival mode)


(You should not read this cuz its pvp things and not even the option to disable them is enough lol)

  • guided missiles (They would be very very rare to find and will only spawn when they are enabled,
    example: Enable PVP-Only Items)
  • flares (same as guided missiles)

Thats all, If i have more ideas i will put them here.


Excuse me,but I think you’re confusing Unturned with Battlefield.
This would be nice for a mod for roleplaying n’stuff,but for the vannilla game…

Unturned II is going to BE MORE SURVIVAL BASED!!!
Christ I’m sick of repeating that,and I’m sure we all are.

(Sorry for the caps man,but this how things are)

Naw, these ideas are interesting. Even if they are pvp based. Imagine the possibility with flares tho.

You could use your heli’s flares to attract people, or zombies to a certain location, Mountaed guns would be interesting for rp scenarios (Military gunning down hordes of zombies)

though the guided missiles, I dont agree with, even if the flares are there. along with the main guns and such. The side mounted miniguns are enough (if your gonna mount a gun on a helicopter, its gotta be a minigun)

Working doors I agree with.

Only thing for missiles I could think of are hellfire, or napalm missles, that can ONLY be spawned in, for Rp scenarios, since well… this is a zombie survival game, not “blow everything up” game.


I was considering all the ideas in the post being added a little bit too much,but as you said,if we keep the simpler ones (Flares,guns,doors) this idea is not that bad.

But still,imo explosives on helicopters are a too op for base raids and in general.

(NO! we’re not doing the balanced cause its rare thing again.)


If the flares don’t need to start fires or help you escape heat seaking missles, they could be implemented purely as visual effects, similar to sirens on a police car or ambulance.


as long as you can’t indefinitely spam them, I’m cool with this


Omg not this again…


Ladders, flares, and opening doors all sound like good and functional ideas. Same goes for side mounted guns, that would be really cool in my eyes

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found the roleplayer


Noobyfish you do realise that ropes arent a “roleplay” feature. Instead they are a feature which allows you to get off the helicopter without landing it. Because in 3.0 you are probably used to jumping out of 1000m from the sky and taking 10% dmg. If there are no helicopter ropes/ladders you would have to constantly land it to get in, and you wouldnt be able to quickly pick up your friends from the ground.


i know that

yes, i want the ropes for rp and survival

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what explosives in helicopters?

I think we were all under the impression that these would have explosive payloads, though I guess guided missles technically could have inert payloads.

Rockets,missiles etc…

how about we add thermonuclear warheads to Unturned II, just make them really hard to find and only spawn when they’re enabled


I like the idea of ropes.

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What is that image supposed to say?


Jk guys …