My main weapon suggestion

This post is assuming Nelson works his magic and bumps up the art style to be a bit higher poly. In lieu of a bunch of new, more round guns, I want there to be a separate, more rare 1911 counterpart, that being the blocky colt we have now. Something to serve as a nice reminder from the early days of 3.0, while still being a functional weapon. Thoughts?


If Nelson ever makes weapon variants (Eg: different AK styles and models all labeled under Zubeknakov (w/different individual stats) instead of a dozen different uniquely named firearms), he could add an ultra rare “classic” or “antique” version that performs similarly to the 3.0 counterpart.


That would be pretty awesome.

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I think he should add a new and an old version of the honeybadger, as it’s become such a great meme, and make it the only way to get the “Retro 5.56 NATO Magazine” which would be a single use magazine, and only drop that gun on boss zombies.

Now that I think of it it sounds stupid but as a little easter egg and call it “Hmm sweet!” Cuz honey haha

No, the game doesn’t need stupid meme weapons


Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

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