My map works on Windows, but not on Linux

I have a map that was created in 2020.
I was recently modifying it to use it and the map works perfectly whether in SinglePlayer or on a server with a Windows operating system. However, this map on Linux operating systems does not work.
I wouldn’t know how to solve this problem.

What is happening with the map?

When I enter a server with a Linux operating system, any player who enters will be kicked out with the “Modified version of the map” error.
However, the map on servers with Windows operating system allows any player to enter without any problems.

Wassup craven

What is the workshop link to this modified version? I don’t know what is happening here but I can try looking into it.

Sure, this is the map.

It works on my end, are you hosting both servers where this issue was encountered?

In the case where it works, I am hosting it from my PC. (Windows).
Where it doesn’t work is in a Hosting that uses Linux. Even another test server on Linux didn’t work either, it kept giving the error.

In your case, did you try it with Windows or Linux?

I think I may know what’s going on. The “map is modified” message may be because you’re missing dependencies for the map.

It may not give any results, but try tracking down the missing objects that are mentioned in the server console and adding them as dependencies. My guess is that each platform handles missing assets differently for some reason.

I wish I could track the missing assets, but I’m afraid it’s impossible. Even so, your hypothesis seems quite logical to me.

I ask you, when you tested the map, did you test it on Linux or Windows?

I use a Linux desktop, I tested between Linux and Linux first, then realized that Windows to Linux doesn’t work on my end. The server console spits out the IDs and GUIDs of the missing assets, I assume they’re in the other mods with the same name as the map.

Yes, the vast majority are NPCs because of the IDs that the console showed when I tested. Even so, I have to assume that there will be some ID of an object that is not part of the map. Anyway, it seems very strange to me, because previously when an object is not on the server, it simply let you enter but the object did not appear on the server.