My new money mod (British pounds)

This Mod was made by me and my friend Bergoss in steam.

Heres the link if your interested in trying it or even using it in your server:

Now here’s some images:


Why does no one find out about this? :thinking:

(Note that I haven’t actually played it, I’m at school at the moment)

Judging from the images, your mod has a problem that I see many mods have, and it’s that the items, when they’re in the inventory, exceed the background box. I might just be the only one, but I personally find that it looks rather amateurish. If you make the notes smaller in the inventory then they would fit right in and I would rate 10/10.

Other than that it looks like a really nice mod, especially how the notes are modeled and aren’t just flat boxes.

@Cryptogram Probably just need to move the item camera in unity.

Thanks i love the feedback. Ill change this soon tysm.

Sure ill get my mate to try.

They look nothing like british currency :frowning:

It’s constantly changing. And strangely enough, it’s a mod. ADD GOLX AND DIAMONEX PLZ.

If the title says “British pounds” I expect it to somewhat look like British money.

But then it wouldn’t look anything like an unturned item. It would be far far far too detailed.

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