My Old Unturned Versions Collection

Hi guys. You may have seen I’ve succeeded in cracking old pre-Steam Unturned betas, and I decided to show you my full collection of older versions.

Here is the link, btw

List of all archived versions (CAUTION LIGHT THEME)

Let’s start with Unturned 1.1. Basically, it’s Mark’s mod, so I’ve just saved it myself.



Works perfectly well, same as you’ll expect from 1.1 Mark’s mod.

Now the old pre-Steam Classic betas.
The first one (so far) is Update 160, that infamous update, that fixed the barricade bug (i didn’t see it in person, but people were talking about it.)


It also has that old creepy soundtrack, that Yarrrr found somewhere. Actually he updated the audio on SoundCloud with the one extracted from here

The next ones are Update 162 and 260. They are more or less the same, maybe with some minor additions and bug fixes.
And there is one annoying bug: nothing saves. I mean, at all, total progress void on restart .

Next versions are and 2.2.5. They are nothing interesting, availiable via depot downloads in Steam.

Next are OPERATIONMAPLELEAF betas of 3.0, including 3.3.1, 3.6.2, 3.7.1 and, both Steam and non-Steam (cracked) versions.

Steam versions work perfectly well, but there may be some several reloadings on first launch needed, and all the settings will be destroyed. You’ll need to reconfigure everything from scratch.

!!CAUTION!! The settings on your new version (3.29) WILL ALSO BE WIPED!

To avoid settings destruction, you can use cracked versions, but multiplayer will be broken.

Versions, and 3.12.3 are all Steam versions, but they will not overwrite your settings and, unfortunatedly, multiplayer still may be broken. You can change steam app ID back to 304930, but they may not launch properly.

If anyone has any old pre-Steam Classic or Antique versions still laying around, please, send me. I’d like to crack them, too




It’s abandonware anyways

Can you give me the community the game had 3 yrs ago? Thx.


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