My Progression Suggestions

Hi, i decided to make some more suggestions because i care about how Unturned II will turn out. These suggestions is what a lot of older players of Unturned would say and what they would like from the new game.

• Item progression: Unturned has turned away from the survival aspect and in a pvp oriented game. Some of my friends quit Unturned because of this. At first I didn’t understand why they left the game but as a kept playing months later I realized what they were talking about. item progression in unturned has become so fast passed that it’s no longer a survival game. The day i realized what some of my friends were talking about was when i went into a new server, played it for 3 hours, and got enough materials to raided a medium sized base. The time i spent grinding for the raiding materials was defiantly much shorter than what it took to make that base. Me and my friends hope Unturned II won’t be the same case.

• Progression Barriers: Russia and Yukon were the hardest maps to make progress on. In these maps, Progression is a lot harder than others and actually make Unturned a survival game. For example, in order to make progress in the Russia map you have to make your way all the way up the map to get good loot. But even on Russia it’s too easy. I joined a Russia server and within 5 hours i was set with most of the best gear possible. Yukon on vanilla is the one map that actually presents the player with the challenge of surviving. this aspect needs to be brought back, where progression is much harder so the survival aspect of the game comes back. There was this one moment on Yukon when i saw 2 players struggling to survive. They ignored each other for the fear that they would die in the fight.

If you are a more veteran player of Unturned I’m sure you will agree with me and i hope that these things will be fixed in Unturned II. Thank you for reading!