My server takes a long time to start

Hi, When I start my server it takes a long time to start, when it reaches the Asset Bundles (There are 59) it takes too long, a total of 45 minutes to finish the startup process, can someone help me reduce the start time?

I’m gonna be honest you’ll probably need to either have less mods or get a better server, no way around it.

How many mods are you loading?
What are the specs of said server?
Also a possible workaround would be just having the server restart itself when nobody is on it, meaning it would always be up when you need it anyway.

I am pretty sure that the reason of this problem is server overload. Maybe you have a lot of mods or plugins. Of course it will take you a lot of time to load.

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My server has 32GB of RAM, 320 of DISK, i think it could be de CPU, But it has 200% of boost.

They have like 50 mods so yeah that’s the reason why

Depends on what kind of storage the server is running off of and what ram and cpu you are using. Ex. If you’re running off a slow ssd or worse and hdd then that’s more likely a contributing factor. Though if you’re using an old CPU that would also impact things.

This post tells me you don’t really know what those specs mean. Yeah safe to say server is chocking on mods.