My Server's Level is bugged(Where are Server Map/Level & player info stored)

Dear community, I have been hosting an Unturned server for me and my friends for the last few weeks. Everything worked fine. I installed some workshop mods and rocket mod plugins, and we were having a great experience and playing a lot.
The problem is that every time I run the server it freezes after “loading level 100%” by it freezes i mean no matter what command I execute it does not respond (not even help or shutdown pic) and when I try to connect to it Unturned detects the server just fine on the menu(Name, mods, config.json) but when connecting I get an error :“lost connection to host or steam network”.
So i tried deleting all the workshop mods(yellow errors on the screenshot), did not work, and uninstalling rocket mod(didn’t do a thing).
The only thing that “solves the issue” is changing the server map to PEI 4 example(I was playing on Germany) and then the server runs smoothly.

It’s a MAP/LEVEL Issue: I would like to know how can I edit the Germany level that I was playing on so that I can delete some of the Barricades/Structures that may be causing the Issue (I believe it’s a placable container mod which is pretty buggy)

Is there any way I could delete/edit stuff from my world to try and fix it?

Maybe I can import the level to Unturned Editor?
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance Pol

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