My spawn able vehicle is not working

Recently I made my map and added a NPC that sells vehicles. I copied the makeshift vehicle folder and renamed it. I changed the ID to 46020 and the GUID. When I loaded up the game and did the command to spawn the object it didn’t appear in my inventory. I changed the GUID 3 times and The ID but still nothing was working. Please help me, I am new to making custom content.

You shouldn’t be manually changing the GUID - that’s something the game itself generates and assigns.

You can entirely delete the GUID line and load up the game with your mod file and the game will generate a brand new GUID. This is the one your item will use.

When making custom items (or anything with a GUID really), if you’re using a vanilla config file as a baseline you MUST do this at least once in your edited version of the config (don’t change the vanilla GUID of course), otherwise the game will have GUID conflicts between your item and the item whose GUID you took it from.


Did you forget the object file when doing so?

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If your GUID and ID is “correct” but it still didn’t work. Try looking into the Error log (you can find it where you find the map editor). Find anything that’s related to your npc-selling-vehicle and see what it says.

Also, shouldn’t this be in the modding subforum?

How do you locate the object file?

If you’re not using a custom model, then you need to direct the asset .dat file to the model you want to use. Scroll down to the last paragraph of “Data setup”

Master_Bundle_Override: Name of a masterbundle to redirect to, for example core.masterbundle. Useful when using Bundle_Override_Path like for an item with custom stats but uses the vanilla bundle, or a note that uses the vanilla note object.

Where is the model for the makeshift vehicle? I couldn’t find the model for it.

You cannot copy-and-paste the model of any vanilla assets. Instead, you need to direct the .DAT file to it using the lines quoted above.

Master_Bundle_Override should direct to core.masterbundle since you’re trying to use vanilla assets. Bundle_Override_Path would direct to the filepath of the specific asset, which in this case would be one of the three makeshift vehicles.

Thank very much, I was able to see it and place it in the editor but I can’t spawn it in using commands in singleplayer. I changed the ID twice and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Nevermind I forgot to change the GUID.

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