My thoughts about Hand Dominance for 4.x

Just a thought based on how I am IRL. I am ambidextrous/left-handed when holding a firearm, paintball gun, or anything that shoots anything; but mostly right-handed with anything else. This is due to having right-hand dominance and left-eye dominance, so I will favor my left eye for aiming, and my right hand for most other things.

What I’m asking for is a few things specifically:

  • Ability to swap things between hands in game
  • Individual animations for holding things left and right handed
  • Ability to set hand dominance for melee items, tools, and firearms independently
  • Forced hand usage for specific items. (this is because most compound bows and some firearms are specifically designed to be only used right-handed, while some are specifically designed to be used left-handed, and the rest can be used with either)

These are just my thoughts, feel free to share your own.


Hmm interesting. Say if you used the right hand view models, your characters right arm would be stronger, left hand viewmodels, your let hand would be stronger. Though I don’t know how we would do something to make both hands dominant without it being op

Does it really matter?

I mean, it’s would be interesting, but why?
It’s not like it’s a feature that everyone would like to see (No, just because it’s realistic doesn’t mean it should be in a game.) You just pick a gun (or melee) and then you use it with whichever hand you’ve set.

Technically, this “might” be added because duel wielding is already planned. But for me, it’s just too insignificant to be considered worth talking about. But that’s just my opinion.

Also, just because there’s some bows (and guns) that specifically designed to be used with right handed norms and not for left-handed flanders. There’s no point of added an entirely new bow (or gun) for that pet peeves.

Eh, I don’t actually know about that. Maybe irl, but not really any reason for a specific arm getting stronger than the other cause of use, otherwise you’d have one noodle arm and one body-builder arm, and that would look weird af.

Both hands cannot be dominant. Even in an ambidextrous person, they favor one hand over the other for certain tasks. While I am right hand dominant, I favor my left when shooting a gun, mostly because my left eye is dominant over my right eye.

1: IMHO, yes, especially if there is gonna be dual wielding, and because of the weapon collision mechanic in Devlog #002, it might be useful to switch your rifle or handgun to your opposite hand to be able to use cover effectively.

2: If you’ve ever played left-handed, you’d see the annoyingness of everything being mirrored. Shooting a bolt-action, for example, looks much different left-handed than right-handed and shouldn’t simply be mirrored. The models shouldn’t be flipped if you’re holding them in your left hand, they should just have different hand animations with the gun animations staying the same.

3: Was hoping for it regardless. Immersion reasons, as well as not wanting to hold a hammer in my left hand just cause I may normally hold a rifle with my left hand.

4: it doesn’t have to be entirely new, just flip the model for the less common left-hand variants like 3.x does if your character is left handed. Weapon is the same, it just would have a “Force_left_hand” tag or something added to the spawned item.

Ah, I feel ya. I mean, as long as it doesn’t effected the performance or that it’s make the game even more complicated. I’m fine with it. Even if I don’t really like such thing.

I haven’t tried playing the game with left-handed view yet, but I bet it would be sucks for me and would make myself feels uncomfortable. But you could say the same.

Also. How would a left-handed animation works if it’s not just a flipped version of the right-handed animation?Just curious. Because separating the same animation and making it not the same (or flipped) is yet beyond my imagination.

If you’d like, I could make a short video to demonstrate using a bolt-action rifle with either hand

Don’t need to, I’ll just believe that it would be unique in each hands. (And maybe I’ll just look it up myself later.)
But if you’re going to do it. Just edited it into the thread and that would be helpful.

Just flipping the views is enough. No need for extra work. As someone who plays left handed, it looks totally fine imo.

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