My thoughts and ideas about current preview branch as an experienced vehicle maker

First of all, i'm very glad that we finally got noticed and the problems with vehicles were addressed.

The vehicle update is overall really great and interesting to look through, but there are, in my opinion, some quite important things to add or to fix.

Also don't mind my english if it turns out to be bad <3

1. Tire slip

Currently even on vanilla cars the driven wheels are constantly spinning faster than non-driven ones, it just looks weird, and also, wheelspin doesn't affect traction at all.

P.S. I've seen that you're planning on revising wheel collider friction, but just in case i wrote that.

2. Tire smoke and skidmarks on asphalt

Currently there are no sounds or smoke coming from slipping tires on asphalt, that would be a nice detail, and considering that you've already made such thing in Unturned II, I think it's also planned here, but still.

3. Gearbox

Overall it works alright, but sometimes when driving on high speeds and pressing S to brake, it shifts into reverse, cars in real life don't do that.

And also, it would be great to see manual gearboxes sometime in the future. Q and E buttons are great candidates for shifting gears in my opinion.

4. Vehicle Event Hook

With all these added mechanics we really need more events for VehicleEventHook.

Events like onShiftUp, onShiftDown would be incredibly useful for modders to create new mechanics.

5. Engine_Additive gameobject

Audio source on Engine_Additive gameobject doesn't work anymore. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but still.

6. Revlimiter

Or rather, the lack thereof. Modern engines use the thing called revlimiter It works in such a way that when the maximum RPM are reached, the fuel supply is turned off for a split second, and then turned back on. During this fraction of a second, the engine RPMs manage to drop to a safe value. And then cycle continues. All of that lead to a specific sound that engine makes when approaching its maximum RPM. Here is an example of how that may sound:

It really gives the feeling of power to the car, that would be a great detail to add in the future.

7. Brake and reverse lights

Since we have get brakes now, could we, perhaps, also get brake lights? Tail lights currently work in a very weird way, it was done right in Unturned II, and it needs to be done right here also. It's a small detail but it adds so much to the immersivity.

And it would be also great to have a modhook that listens to the events of braking or reversing, just saying.

Thank you!

In conclusion, thank you for this update, I've waited for something like that for as long as i was a modder, I've been making vehicles for this game for four years, and finally got something new to work with, that's really great and heartwarming!

I don’t really think this is a good reason for adding a rev limiter. In a game like UII, the limiter makes sense as the vehicles have more realistic driving and top speeds that aren’t easy to reach. In U3, you’d accelerate for a few seconds and then be bouncing off the limiter the entire way across the map. Players should be able to drive without needing to constantly tap W to avoid the limiter.

You can make top speeds not easy to reach in U3 aswell, it depends on how you configure the gearbox and the car’s max speed. I’ve already achieved that on my test car, on max speed it reaches about 7.6k rpm (max rpm is 8k) and stops accelerating

one thing I want that would make the game feel better would be impact sounds per physics material. It feels pretty uneventful when you hit a tree and it just makes the wood impact sound.


Another feature that would be great is the option to set vehicle events when it reaches certain health thresholds. Currently it is hardcoded to happen on 100 and 200 health, which I initially hoped that changed with the vehicle update. It would be nice if that was the case in future updates, even better if we had control of how many health threshold events we can set for vehicles.

A smaller wish that I initially had with the foretold vehicle update would be proper HP values to tires instead of the current 1-hit tires.

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I think this is a good idea for a future update of the game and for modders it will also be a great impetus for the development of mods.

It would be cool to maybe have a different sound play on impact depending on the speed you are going - the current wood collision would be decent enough for a, say, 10 kph impact, but different sounds for higher speed collisions would be nice.