My unturned is frezze my pc

My pc is frezze when i try to enter on single player server or multiplayer and i don’t know why i have gtx 1660 MSI and i5 3470 and i don’t know why is frezze my pc i dezisnalling and re-installing i veryifing and integrtity all but is not working is working just for tutorial and is frezzeing same but in 10-15 minutes is unfrezze and i have lower fps i have 10-20-30 fps and that’s shit and i really have gtx 1660 and is not buyed on the AliExpress or Wish is buyed on the Pcgarage and is working all games perfectly 60-70-80 fps ultra all but in unturned is not working can anyone help me?

Sorry for my english btw


try turning everything off if its not working here :3


What you mean with?

Unturned isn’t as optimized as other games, you’re using a 7yo CPU with a quite recent GPU, while there might not be that big of a bottleneck surely you can’t expect the game to handle it that well.

Which are ?

Csgo i have 100-200 fps just cuase 4 70 fps in rust i have 70 fps and all games just in unturned is frezze my pc and i don’t can join to a server i mean is not working is frezze my pc and i need to restart my pc

Yeah I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the case.

Which graphics settings are you using ?

ultra very high all ultra textures i use in all games excepted in arma 3 i have high 65 fps

You definitely don’t want to use that in Unturned then, certainly not with that PC. Pretty sure that turning water graphics to low with help you.

Not to mention that most of the games you mentionned are 6 years or more old.

For the first i puting the graphics low and i trying to ultra to see when she can enter to an server i don’t know why is frezze my pc i tried and for the first time i buyed this video card is worked unturned and after 1 month idk a new update to unturned is not working

Please take some extra time in order to write your messages, seriously having a hard time to decipher your last message.

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Ok but what problem is with unturned idk why is frezzeing in loading on the servers when i want to play i have 2500 hours and friends how is playing this game and is so shit to invite your friends to play with us and you to say “Sorry man but my unturned is not working”

Did you decrease the graphics as I told you ?

how can i try this?

By going to your graphics settings?

where i can find this? You mean to texture’s? I have all ultra and now i puted low all and i fucking frezze my pc again i mean is frezze i need to restart him and is not working to enter to an server

you think is normal files?

yes. you can change your graphics setting in game in configuration>graphics.

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