My unturned map in editor is not loading...

Whenever I try to load into my map in editor it freezes up half-way into it loading. I have tried everything that people have said on Reddit, Discussions, and the Forums but none of them have worked, does anyone know a fix to this problem?

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Perhaps it’s an issue with insufficient hardware. Have you tried turning all your graphics settings down to None/Low, closing most other programs, and then just waiting a few minutes?

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My usual strategy for fixing maps goes a little like this:

  1. make a new map w/ the same size/gamemode
  2. open up the files of the broken map
  3. copy files over one by one, until the new map breaks

Theres 2 outcomes to this, either the new map dosent break and you can be happy, or it does break and you now know exactly what the issue is, and can delve deeper into fixing it.


May be an issue with map objects or roads.
If you had road.unity3d file consistant of, for example, 16 types of different roads, and you placed 10 of them (including 13 and 14),
and then decided to switch them over an other roads.unity3d pack consistant of only 9 types of roads, then roads above 9 (10, 11, 12… etc. etc.) will break your game.
Solution for that is making a back up copy of previous roads, copying them back, loading the map and deleting roads causing an issue.

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